Sam Sethi asks: why don’t black people work hard like Jews, Indians and the Chinese?

Civil disobedience really brings out the worst in people.┬áCase in point: has-been London wantrepreneur Sam Sethi driving the final nail into his own professional credibility this afternoon with this tweet, which he later – and at some length – defended:

This is a perfect example of how someone whose career has imploded, Johann Hari-like, can ensure they are never taken seriously again. Rather than issuing a fulsome apology for past misdeeds, disappearing from public life for a few years and reforming, Sethi is doing everything possible to become persona non grata on the European tech scene. The man is going to need to move to Africa – where, presumably, he’d thrive, being the only person with a decent work ethic – to escape the consequences of his repugnant outbursts.

(If you want to read more about this odious individual, read Mike Arrington here, here and here, Paul Carr here, Robin Wauters here and, perhaps most damningly and distressingly of all, Oliver Starr here.)

Update: Shortly after posting this, I received the following email from Sethi.

From: Sam Sethi
Date: 9 August 2011 14:54:53 GMT+01:00
To: Milo Yiannopoulos
Subject: Meeting face to face


Clearly you have an issue with me. You keep tweeting and blogging about me. Well enough is enough. We should meet and sort this out the old fashioned way. Let me know where I can find you or I’ll find out myself. I am away for a week but back in London next week. Looking forward to our brief chat. It’s the last time you will call me sweetie you faggot.