More information about my new publication, and a call for submissions

I’m delighted to share with you today a bit more information about the editorial vision behind my new project. I’ll be revealing who’s behind it in the coming weeks: we are adding new team members all the time! And I’d like also to invite those people who want  to contribute to the magazine to submit their pitches this week.

So here’s our boilerplate.

******* is a quality online magazine that publishes the best writing about complex contemporary issues: principally, the way technology is rapidly changing our lives. We commission long-form reviews, comment pieces and essays from the best writers and thinkers we can find. Our focus is on the people, places, events and ideas that are refashioning the world around us.

We embrace controversy and unpopular opinions provided they are thought-provoking and well-argued. We are enthusiastic about software and the internet but we realise there’s a lot more to technology than just web and mobile.

Our writing is authoritative, sharply argued, thoroughly edited and often funny. We love discovering and nurturing new writers and sharing intelligent views and inside information gleaned from our deep and excellent connections in the industry. 

Our favourite phrase is: think bigger.

Call for submissions

  • Reviews: we need reliable, authoritative, regular reviewers who can commit to reviewing one or more software products a week, to deadline
  • Comment: the backbone of the magazine is a stream of thoughtfully argued, well-written pieces about technology and its effects on the world around us
  • Features and Interviews: are you a budding interviewer who can get to, and extract something fresh and interesting from, fascinating and accomplished people?
  • Essays: once a month, we publish a long-form essay of 3,000 words or more from one of the leading thinkers in Europe.
  • The Scene: social diaries, listings, even reviews and intel: who was spotted meeting whom, and where?

If you’d like to contribute a column or essay to the magazine, please complete the form below. We will read everything submitted and contact you in due course if we’d like to pursue a commission. Remember, we are a long-form, high-quality magazine: anything shorter than 500 words is unlikely to be commissioned.

Pitches must be submitted by Friday, 18 November and you must be prepared to work to some quite tight deadlines to make the launch edition. Pitches received after Friday, 18 November will be placed into our contributor queue for inspection at a later date.


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