Digital media’s Citizen Kane.
- Forbes

“The pit bull of tech media.”
- The Observer

“Rising star of the Right.”
The Spectator

“You cynical ignorant fucker.”
- Stephen Fry

“A homophobic gay man.”
- David Mitchell, 10 O’Clock Live

“The neocon fanaticism of Milo… [a] crank from the far-right.”
- George Galloway

The Quentin Letts of tech reporting.”
- Fred Destin, Atlas Venture

“Possibly the only person on earth even SOUNDER than me.”
- James Delingpole

“Your spiritual home, Milo, is with Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman. I thought such narrow readings of a complex world were the sole franchise of the far right in the US; who knew that you could singlehandedly bring the Fox News view into the UK dialogue.”
- Doug Richard

Rising star of the Right… nothing can stop this man.”
- Ed West

A digital age Chesterton, with Peter York’s wardrobe.
- Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph blogger

“A bit of ranty Tory queen.”

A connoisseur of pious tat.”

- Christopher Howse, Daily Telegraph

“Adorable, and so British.”
- Mariah Carey

Unnamed Twitter user after an appearance on Ten O’Clock Live