I am an accomplished writer, journalist and editor with experience in many different arenas of journalism and publishing.

I wrote extensively for the Telegraph as Consulting Editor (Technology) and I was founder and commissioning editor of that paper’s Tech Start-Up 100, a ranking of the most promising technology start-ups in Europe.

My writing has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, the Observer, the TimesTechCrunch, Directors’ Guild of America Quarterly, AttitudeReal Business, The CommentatorManagement Today and many other publications and I write guest posts and op-eds for a wide variety of US and UK newspapers, magazines and websites on media, technology, society, religion and politics.

I am an occasional contributor to the Catholic Herald where I write about media bias and the intersection of religion and technology. My work has appeared in translation in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano.

I was Editor-in-Chief of the online tabloid magazine I founded, The Kernel, until the company was sold to Daily Dot Media in January 2014.

I am currently researching a book titled The Sociopaths of Silicon Valley, which I hope to complete by Summer 2014.